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MAIN LOOP: Bull Run Rd (Southwest of Great Falls, west of I-77) has a "bridge-out" posted. It may be navigable on 2-wheels, but be prepared to detour.

January 3, 2021


MAIN LOOP: A short section of Unity Church Road (west of Westminster) is marked by SCDOT as closed due to a partial roadway washout. Dates of closure are listed as 11/2/2020 through 11/30/2020. Location of closure is between Ray Ree Valley Dr and Electra Glide Dr.

UPDATE 12/14/2020: The SCDOT website has extended this closure through 1/4/2021

*** RESOLVED: SCDOT no longer lists this closure ***

January 13, 2021

MAIN LOOP: Bridge closure/replacement where Battleground Rd (SC110) crosses I-85 north of Cowpens. SCDOT reports closure dates as March 24 through July 24. Recommended bypass is the I-85 interchange bridge to the west (Hwy 57, Gossett Rd).
*** RESOLVED: SCDOT no longer indicates bridge is closed ***

September 5, 2020

TAT SPUR: Gated/closed between Hwy 64 and Hwy 23 (Standing Indian Cmpgrnd Rd and Ball Creek Rd) for unknown reasons. A suggested bypass is through Franklin using Hwy 23 and Hwy 64.
*** RESOLVED ***

June 6, 2020

MAIN LOOP: Rocky Creek Road in Heath Springs (east of Great Falls) is washed-out and impassable. Bypass options are to either use the northern half of the Liberty Hill Bypass (BYP-LIBERTY HILL), or to extend the route further to the east using Mount Carmel Rd and Hoke Rd. 
*** RESOLVED: Road has been repaired ***

June 6, 2020

TAT SPUR: Gated/closed between Hwy 64 and Hwy 23 for a seasonal closure (Standing Indian Cmpgrnd Rd and Ball Creek Rd). It is scheduled to re-open on March 15th or April 1st (different dates from different forest service sources). A suggested bypass is through Franklin using Hwy 23 and Hwy 64.

*** RESOLVED: Gates are open for 2020 season ***

Apr 1, 2020

MAIN LOOP: On the south end of Lake Secession (between Abbeville and Iva), the route currently runs about 0.6 miles on Old Dam Rd, which is closed. Lake Secession Rd is the appropriate bypass, and this will be reflected in the ver. 5 release of the route.

*** RESOLVED: Bypass reflected in v05 ***

Mar 15, 2020

MAIN LOOP: Argent Dr (east of I-95 and directly north of Davis Station) is blocked/closed. A suggested bypass is through Davis Station.

*** RESOLVED: The v03 route update avoids Argent Dr completely ***

Mar 9, 2020

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